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  • General company details, such as a mailing address and an ABN
  • Details around any current insurance held in your default plan (if applicable).
  • Debit bank account details (if you wish to set up a Direct Debit Facility).

You can access the BT Lifetime – Super Employer Plan PDS, Additional Information Booklets and the Employer Brochure online at

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Business details

Mailing address

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We'd like to get to know your business better so we can help you provide your business with the best solution we have to offer:

Employee Categories

Enter one or more employee categories below.

You can create employee categories to help tailor insurance benefits that BT offers to your employees. You can create as many different employee categories as you like, and will need to select an insurance design for each category.

More info on employee activity types

Professional White collar occupations that in most cases are degree or tertiary qualified, earning over a pre-determined income (either over $80K or over $100K) who work in an office type environment with no manual component to their duties.
White Collar Occupations that are office based with no manual work, e.g. clerical roles, professional or administrative roles such as architect, accountant, lawyer, computer analyst, doctor, pharmacist, lecture, social worker, clerk etc.
Light Blue Collar Occupations which are primarily non-manual but may involve light manual duties only e.g. hairdresser, shop assistant, florist, cashier, tailor, etc.
Blue Collar Occupations that involve a moderate degree of manual work, or recognised qualified trades e.g. baker, gasfitter, electrician, mechanic, printer, signwriter, greengrocer etc.
Heavy Blue Collar Heavy manual occupations or those with a degree of additional risk of disability e.g. boilermaker, gardener, storeman, tyre fitter, welder etc.
Hazardous Specialist licensed occupations e.g. pilot, or occupations with additional hazards e.g. miner, seafarer, armed forces personnel, professional sportsperson or highly repetitive unskilled occupations e.g. process worker, long haul driver etc.
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Member Investment Categories and Default Investment Option

The Trustee's Default Investment Option is the MySuper Lifestage Investment Options.

Please note funds will be invested in the BT MySuper Lifestage default investment options when:

  • We receive a transfer amount without allocation and employee details, or
  • We receive ongoing contributions and/or other rollovers for individual employees who have not selected an investment strategy

All contributions and/or rollovers for members with incomplete details will be held in a holding account until the details are received. Refer to the BT Super PDS for more information.

Super choice arrangements

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Plan Administration

Mandatory registration for QuickSuper

Using QuickSuper, you have the advantage of making super contributions over the internet. This service also allows you to make amendments and update employee and plan data online, and view reports. The person nominated below will be set up as the primary Administrator for your super plan to use QuickSuper and will have access to the personal details of your staff and can then license other nominated representatives to have degrees of access to the service. To find out more about QuickSuper, visit the online administration section of our employer website

Adviser details

Do you have a financial adviser or are you completing this application on advice provided by a financial adviser?
Does your Adviser have a BT Adviser number?

New adviser

Please enter your adviser details below.

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Insurance plan

Please select your preferred insurance plan for each of your employee categories. Please note that not all insurance plans are available for all types of businesses or employees. If you selected plan is not suitable for a category of employee, BT will contact you to arrange an alternate plan.

Employee Category:

The level of insurance your employee receives is calculated by first multiplying their salary by the percentage that you specify in the box above (up to a maximum of 25%), and then multiplying that amount by their “Years of Future Service” (the number of years remaining until they turn 65).

SCI cover

You also have the flexibility to request the amount of SCI cover that will apply.

This benefit will be paid up to a maximum of two years, five years or to age 65. SCI cover provides for a proportion of the employee's income to be replaced if they are disabled temporarily. The maximum cover is 75% (plus up to 15% super contributions) of their Pre-disability Income or $30,000 per month benefit, whichever is lesser. Benefits paid to replace your super contributions will be remitted to the employee's BT Super account.

Takeover terms

Would you like to transfer your existing insurance cover? (This is only available if the insurance is the same as the old formula for cover and there are a minimum of five members transferring and the transfer is accepted by the insurer).

If the eligible employees were insured under a group life insurance contract with another insurer immediately before the commencement date of cover, please complete below.

Other arrangements are available, if you feel as though our arrangements don't suit you or you'd like to discuss these arrangements further, please call 132 135.

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