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Don't know your TFN? Call the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) on 13 28 61.

Let us help find your super

If you've ever changed your name, address or job, you may have multiple super accounts or have lost track of some of your super.

By selecting yes, I consent to BT Super for Life using my tax file number (TFN) to search Australian Tax Office (ATO) records to locate super amounts held on my behalf by other super funds or by the ATO, now and in the future. If search results include super amounts held on my behalf by the ATO, I also consent to BT Super for Life requesting the ATO to transfer those amounts into my BT Super for Life account and using and disclosing my TFN for that purpose. I understand that BT Super for Life will continue to do regular searches for me every six months. If at any time I do not wish BT Super for Life to continue these searches, I can change this online.

We can assist you with directing your employer contributions into your BT Super for Life account.

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If we are unable to contact your employer using the above details we will send you a Super choice form to provide your employer.

We can invest your super for you, based on your age and automatically adjust it to be more conservative as you get older. Or, you can choose your own investment mix.

Option 1 - Let us invest your super based on your age

A Lifestage Fund is a well-diversified portfolio of assets designed and managed according to your age. Over time the fund will gradually shift to a more conservative asset mix. It generally does this by decreasing its allocation to growth assets and increasing its allocation to conservative assets.

Your lifestage fund is not yet known

Option 2 - Choose your own investment mix from these BT Super for life funds

Just enter the percentage of your investment you wish to allocate against the following funds. You can change your selection later via Online Banking.

Fund Allocation
Lifestages Fund The default fund for your life stage. Fund factsheet %
APN AREIT Fund factsheet%
Active Australian Shares Fund factsheet%
Active Balanced Fund factsheet%
Active Defensive Fund factsheet%
Active Global Fixed Interest Fund factsheet%
Active Global Property Fund factsheet%
Active Growth Fund factsheet%
Active High Growth Fund factsheet%
Active International Shares Fund factsheet%
Active Moderate Fund factsheet%
Antipodes Global Fund factsheet%
Cash Fund factsheet%
Fidelity Australian Shares Fund factsheet%
Franklin Templeton Multisector Bonds Fund factsheet%
Index Australian Fixed Interest Fund factsheet%
Index Australian Shares Fund factsheet%
Index Balanced Fund factsheet%
Index Defensive Fund factsheet%
Index Growth Fund factsheet%
Index High Growth Fund factsheet%
Index International Fixed Interest Fund factsheet%
Index International Shares Fund factsheet%
Index Moderate Fund factsheet%
Index Property Securities Fund factsheet%
Magellan Global Shares Fund factsheet%
Nikko AM Value Australian Shares Fund factsheet%
PIMCO International Bonds Fund factsheet%
Pendal Australian Bonds Fund factsheet%
Pendal Australian Property Securities Fund factsheet%
Pendal Core Australian Shares Fund factsheet%
Pendal Global Property Securities Fund factsheet%
Pendal Growth Shares Fund factsheet%
Pendal Sustainable Balanced Fund factsheet%
Pendal Sustainable Conservative Fund factsheet%
Pendal Technology Fund factsheet%
RARE Infrastructure Value (Unhedged) Fund factsheet%
T. Rowe Price Global Shares Fund factsheet%
UBS Australian Bonds Fund factsheet%
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Insurance options will be displayed after entering your personal details.

Your super does not include insurance

Insurance is not available to you based on your age.

Your super comes with standard insurance

You can change or cancel your cover online, or by calling 1300 653 553.

Cover for a is:


  • Monthly premiums are calculated at time of application and subject to change. Monthly premiums are re-calculated 1 July each year
  • No paperwork or medical examination required
  • Insurance premium payments made from your super balance, so you don't have any out of pocket expenses
  • There are certain events you are not covered for and you should understand that pre-existing conditions are excluded from cover
  • Your insurance cover starts when there is a balance in your BT Super for Life account
  • The level of cover and premiums adjust automatically, based on your age.
  • If you become eligible to receive an insurance benefit this will generally be paid into your BT Super for Life account and the Trustee will pay the benefit to you provided you meet the conditions for release under the relevant trust deed and Australian legislation
  • To access insurance benefits payable under your cover, you will be required to meet a condition of release under super law
  • For more information, see the BT Super for Life Product Disclosure Statement (PDF 830kb).

Please read the below important information about your BT Super for Life account to proceed.

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